Can a simple quiet Prayer help overcome the zilla inside?

Today I’ve been reflecting on the moments of life. Not only bridezilla moments but any moments that are worth remembering. For example, sometimes we say things we don’t really mean when we are angry or tired. Other times we really mean them but shouldn’t have. Then I think how often taking a step back and offering a silent little prayer to Father in Heaven might have kept us from ushering an expository of regretful verbiage. Do you think that Bridezillas- wherever they are now -would also appreciate such thoughts. I remember the reference from childhood that words are like the feathers of a pillow blown in the wind. Easy to give and hard to retract. Please share your thoughts! (Bridezillas Where are They Now?) When we think of statements in this manner we will one day be able to ask ourselves this question: Zilla where are you now? This is because as individuals we have worked hard at life and steadily progressed to a point of eliminating all forms of zilla within us and have instead exemplified heaven’s helping Exemplar. *We look forward to posting your thoughts!!!!*

“Forgiving kindness in the face of adversity makes you a winner!

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