Bridezilla’s Topics Revisited – More importantly ‘How is each individual Bridezilla doing?’

What is your favorite Bridezillas where are they now topic of all seasons? In other words, what is your favorite Bridezilla subject to talk about when it comes to Bridezillas and where they are now ideas, fashions, trends, lifestyles and more?

Today’s thought: Any person can have a rough start at lifetime events. This can even or especially include a wedding or marriage, but along the journey we work things out until ‘vwall-ah’ life turns from sad to good, and from good to great. I guess you could say that most everyone has a bit of zilla to work out within themselves. Working out these things can mean bringing out the positive influence of our humanity. For example, one bride or groom might have a tendency to be angered easily. However, that same individual might be exceptionally genuine in all their conversations. By exemplifying this second positive characteristic through recognition and greater use, this greater good can be established that reflects an inward desire for positive outward expressions. These expressions may include genuine kindess, and eventually a complete replacement of anger with a constant peaceful acceptance of self. [Bridezilla or not]

“Peaceful kindness in the face of adversity makes you a winner!

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Bridezillas & Friends Continued…

Well, its been a while since I last added anything to this post- sorry friends, bridezillas, or not. However, I have some great things to discuss in today’s topic. Specifically I’d like to forget about where the bridezillas are now for a moment and consider the simple topic that God never forgets about each of us as individuals. Yes, I know this is valuable information, but the reason it relates is because of how significant this makes each individual person [you included] to the Great Creator of all things, Heavenly Father. My encouragement is that everyone try to remember this and let it influence the way you treat your friends, aquaintances, strangers and even occasional foes. As a wise man once said “Believe in God and believe that He lives.” This simple evidence promotes greater evidence which in turn changes life into an enjoyable fulfillment of value. It helps turn our hearts into a journey filled with experience and kindness for others. Can we even really love our family if we don’t show love for our enemies? Now not to elude the bridezilla material for too long- each one, found or not, can find happiness in showing love for Christ in such a manner. Along with this, sometimes we are our own worst enemies, so, we need to show ourselves that we can still be kind to “number 1.” Here’s another final thought is being kind to God equivalent to being gracious to numero uno? Thanks again readers – have a happier day than ever before!

Update – Thanks for visiting and requesting to submit comments on this bridezilla blog! Yes- you! Your suggestions and feedback are always appreciated. Remember that this website- as a fabulous wedding blog -is also for sale, and you can make your offers in the comment section. Now back to the main bridezilla’s event of discussing the unforgettable aspects Bridezilla context:

Todays Topic of discussion is whether or not Bridezillas in general have influenced you as a wedding planner, or your wedding plans, or with any of your wedding planning assistance in general? Share your stories and Post your comments below:

Today’s extra thought: Why is the value of virtue so great? Why is virtue such a rare and precious medallion to hold safe?

“Respectful kindness in the face of adversity makes you a winner!

copyright © 2011

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Hello Bridezilla Friends!

This blog is all about Bridezilla’s, where they are, and how they are doing. Current status, etc… If you’re interested in knowing more, then you and yours have come to the right place to share thoughts and interact with the where are they now fans that visit our bridezilla blogsite- not only for latest updates but also to reflect on the why of how of making a difference. For example, how is it so nice to remember the BZs of our past and see how they are doing. So, please feel free to share your thoughts and visits often.

Oh, another quick thought- there are other topics and posts that might help you ask, answer or help one another with daily life bridezilla related or not questions. Enjoy your time!

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Recently we’ve changed the Bridezilla discussion topic directions to be even more enjoyable and

    more personable

. For example an emphasis on wedding gifts and wedding inspirational thoughts and quotes has been ongoing. We hope you find these interesting and are able to contribute. Some of the stories you share might relate to your own wedding past present or future. For example, how are Bridezilla weddings impacting people to be sociable, courteous, kind, generous and realin their relationships. What are all the positives you can discover?

“Positive thinking andkindness in the face of adversity makes you a winner!

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